Since 2008, Viatek has been manufacturing professional road maintenance products

Pro Patch is a cold-mix asphalt product manufactured in a unique process.

Patching IGRO is a cold mix that requires water for the hardening process. It then hardens through an exothermic reaction.

Sealing Fast is a modified-bitumen-based two-component sealant. When the components are mixed, a special hardening reaction takes place that causes the sealant to harden in a short time.

VR22 is an oxidised-bitumen-based regeneration agent that allows new asphalt to be created by using material obtained by milling road surfaces.

AG Block is a type of ready-to-use, quick-hardening, non-shrink thixotropic hydraulic mortar.

VIBLOCK is a quick-hardening two-component polymer resin designed to prevent any vibration and noise produced by vehicles driving over manhole covers and drains.

Synthetic resin mortar in water dispersion with addition of select quartz varieties and pigments. It is very easy to apply and once dry, it is durable and slip resistant.

Spray Bituclean has been specifically designed for removing tar, resins and sticky residues from chassis in general. Also ideal on metal, rubber and plastic.